8 Sneaky Offenders that Cause Weight Fluctuations

The holidays bring about many opportunities to enjoy treats. Did you know there are 8 other sneaky offenders that can cause weight fluctuations? Here is an article ( Article Link) from My Fitness Pal that shares 8 of the sneaky offenders. The 8 sneaky offenders include ...

1. You drank a ton of water.

2. You strength trained yesterday.

3. You ate more sodium than usual.

4. You ate more carbs than usual.

5. You haven't gone to the bathroom in a while.

6. You're about to start your period.

7. It's the weekend.

Again, for more details, please check out the Article Link

Remember to enjoy things in moderation over the holidays, don't deprive yourself of enjoying that special once per year treat, you might instead choose to go on a longer walk for exercise or enjoy a salad for dinner.

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