Massage/Reiki at GHC

I have participated in 3 massages and 1 Reiki session with GHC. I found all sessions professional, comfortable, and addressed any issues I needed.

Massage: I have had many, many, many massages. I liked the "clinical" setting of GHC. It is professional, comfortable, and professional.. If you have never had a massage I would encourage you to try this service. You can book on-line or call GHC to find a time that works for you. GHC does not encourage tipping as it is clinical setting. Your cost is $45 - a great price for a massage.

Reiki: This was my first experience with Reiki. My therapist explained that Reiki works with the energy of the body. It is good for people who do not like to be touched, have had chemo therapy or radiation, and/or have an open mind. You remain fully clothed in a Reiki session. I experienced an incredible "heat" sensation while my therapist was focused on my back. This is where I hold my tension - which I did not mention to the therapist. It was a very interesting experience and I would recommend it for anyone who is open to a new experience or prefers to remain clothed or does not like to be touched. (Reiki is also $45) tipping is not encouraged.

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