Step It Up Challenge Reflections

Top Stepper: Adam Grindle (BRMS/CORE) 1.182,788 steps $100 GC

2nd Stepper: Laura Marquardt (SC/NCS) 1,112,136 steps $ 75 GC

30/40 day participation Drawing: Lori Martin (SC/NCS) $100 GC

Final Step Challenge GC winners:

Heather Thorpe and Molly Lawry $10 GC


Adam Grindle 1182788 (1st) Laura Marquardt 1112136 (2nd)

Sarah Urben 789947 (4th) Jen Klawitter 699818

Margo Schorr 648810 Mary Verhelst 563635

Jason Meyer 643924 Lori Martin 521341

Stephanie Coyle 614844 Erin Clark 499048


Angie Lucas 546959 Nancy Plato 714280 (9th)

Patti Fenske 446216 R. Gasser 603958

Julie Colquhoun 417644 Katie Pingle 509769

Theresa Saley 363280 Karen Beckerleg 502426

Brenda Hoffman 354696 Geoff Johnson 483125


Sarah Hasselkus 1087710 (3rd) Susan Gillespie 742979 (7th)

Jennifer Weisensel 755618 (6th) Carin Higgins 709602 (10th)

David Ehlenbach 736091 (8th) Nancy Laycock 694574

Amelia Bedilia 695048 Jodi Moll 615399

Marissa Martin 687236 Justine Moore 561268


Kayleen Deward 663114 Dave Nelson 782169 (5th)

Alyssa Price 575539 Teresa Voss 559064

Melissa Bremmer 582056 Heather Thorpe 546196

Lindsay Snow 544289 Karen McBride 395954

Betsy Warner 536822 Cheryl Gulbrand 391096

3 steppers logged over 1 million steps

38 steppers logged over 1/2 million steps

95/191 steppers logged all 6 weeks!

Thanks for participating!

Quotes from some participants:

In the evenings if I was watching TV I would walk during the commercials. I'm amazed at how many steps I could accumulate during commercial breaks! Thanks for organizing the step challenge, it was a great way for me to stay active! -Susan

I think what I took away from this is how I helped inspire others to keep going on their steps and work to get more each week. I know I made several people go buy fitbit to track their exercise. On the flip side, I want to thank all of my colleagues for encouraging me through this. It really meant a lot to me. It was a great event to bring us together. -Adam G.

One of our Step It Up Challenge Teams is pictured below

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