January...the month of resolutions

January is typically when many people commit to changing things in their lives to help them achieve better health and personal wellness. Better nutrition, more activity, less stress, less clutter, more mindfulness…

When you commit to making better choices about the foods you eat, understanding nutrition is key. It starts with MACRONUTRIENTS- protein, carbohydrate and fat. What are they and what do they do? What is a Calorie and how many do I need? You can find that answer here .

Understanding the equation of Calories in vs Calories out is the first step. Tracking your calorie intake and energy output will make you aware and accountable. One of the best free Calorie trackers around is myfitnesspal. As you track your food intake and exercise daily, patterns emerge quickly and you can see where changes need to be made and the power of burning Calories.

Two of the biggest changes that you can make immediately are to stop drinking your Calories and increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

Check out this Healthy Eating Plate from Harvard School of Public Health and note the recommendations.

Harvard Healthy Eating Plate

Remember, making changes is a process and takes time.

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