Fitness Apps

The apps below have been recommended by the National Wellness Institute and are used by many VASD employees.

1. Aaptiv

Whether you’re at the gym or traveling across the country, there is something for everyone in the Aaptiv app. Ever wanted to run a 5k or half marathon? They have a program for that! Need some yoga inspiration early in the morning? You can do that too. Not sure how to lift weights at the gym? Aaptiv has step by step instructions and programs on how to start a weightlifting program. Really this app does it all! You'll find real trainers motivating you to finish strong and playlists specifically set up to push you through the toughest workouts. It's like have a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. There is a free version of this app, or you can get full access for $9.99 a month.



Interested in gaining more knowledge about weightlifting and cardio workouts? Consider JEFIT. It’s for those just starting their workouts who want to get ideas on what to do, to people trying to find some new lifts to bolster their current routine. JEFIT’s user-friendly design allows you to set goals, record workouts, and find exercises to target specific areas. Each exercise has a small video on how to properly perform the exercise, and some tips on proper form, making it user-friendly, even for newbies. If you are looking for ideas to start a new workout routine or want to beef up your existing routine, take a look at JEFIT. It’s 100% free!


3. MyFitnessPal

 With access to the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database, MyFitness Pal is one of the biggest calorie tracking apps. It’s easy to use and allows you to scan the barcode of your food for easy tracking of pre-packaged foods. You can log your exercise and water intake as well as connect to your other wellness apps such as MapMyRun and PolarFlow, allowing you to automatically add in your daily workouts. This app can help with fitness goals, whether you are trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight. MyFitness Pal makes it easy to record your nutrition intake, exercise, and weight in one place. MyFitness Pal offers a free version of their app, as well as a premium version for $9.99 a month.


4. Sleep Cycle

Ever wake up feeling groggy and push the snooze button five times before rolling out of bed? Waking up rested is not just about how much sleep you get, it's also about timing. Sleep Cycle's goal is to help you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.


During sleep, we go through three different phases of sleep: light, deep, and REM-sleep (the “dream state”). This entire cycle takes about 90 minutes, and is repeated many times throughout the night. Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase so you wake up feeling rested. It "knows" when your alarm should go off to wake you up in the lightest sleep cycle, allowing you to wake up more easily.


5. Aura

Ever thought about meditation but were not sure where to start? Aura can help to get you in the habit. It has a simple premise: every day you get a new, personalized, three-minute meditation. The daily meditation that appears is based on your mood. The app will ask you if you’re feeling “stressed,” “okay,” “great," etc., to find the perfect meditation for your day. Aura claims to target stress, anxiety and depression. If a short meditation isn't enough for the day, Aura also has relaxing sounds or a Mindful Breather feature, with which you synchronize your breathing to an animated circle that expands and contracts on your phone screen. Aura is a user-friendly way to start your meditation practice.


6. Happier

If you’ve been down in the dumps lately, or just been having a really rough day, you may want to consider Happier. Happier is a self-affirmation app and gratitude journal that allows you to keep track of all the little things in life that make you happy. You can keep your affirmations private or choose to make them public for the other people on the app to enjoy. Happier allows you to look back on the positives. Their supportive community is always there to help you feel better. Try this free app to boost your optimism!


7. HealthyOut

HealthyOut may be just the thing to eat out without sacrificing your diet. You can choose from options such as “paleo," “gluten-sensitive,” and “vegan” to find restaurants that serve dishes with those criteria. You can also use the filters to pick what kind of cuisine you’re looking for, making it easy to narrow down your search and find a restaurant near you. This is the app to try when you’re exploring a new city, or simply want to explore the restaurants in your home town.


8. Lumosity

It’s easy to workout physically, but have you ever worked out mentally? Well Lumosity's mission is just that. This well-known app uses research-based “brain training”science to create fun mini games. These games challenge your memory, attention, and cognition abilities and can then give you an analysis of your cognitive patterns. Lumosity’s games are designed by scientists who are constantly coming up with new challenges to keep you guessing. It is free to download, and the free version comes with three challenges per day for you. When you are ready for more, the paid version has over 50 cognitive games. The monthly price for the paid version varies from $12/month to $5/month depending on subscription length.


9. Mealime

Mealtime is a good app to try if you’re always on the lookout for new healthy meal suggestions. There are hundreds of recipes focused on a healthy, balanced diet. You can even customize it to pick foods that align with a diet you may be on or want to try, allowing you to create your own meal plans. Mealtime also takes each ingredient from the recipes you’ve chosen and creates a helpful grocery list for you to check off at the store. Adding to this convenience, the app also provides nutrition information about each recipe. The grocery list feature and most recipes are free, but there are some pro recipes that require a $5 monthly subscription.